Feature Documentary


In an age of environmental and health crises, can the resurgence of Indigenous food and medicine knowledge be the healing we need? Ojiibikaan is a documentary film about a worldview, told through the relationships three Anishinaabe changemakers have with their traditional food and medicine, and how these relationships are reshaping their lives and the health of their communities. Against the backdrop of historical trauma and some of the harshest health outcomes in North America, Ojiibikaan invites us into this Indigenous worldview: where the land and the people are good medicine for one another.

Best Canadian Pitch, Hot Docs 2020

Recipient of Hot Docs Cross Currents and Nia Tero funding


Writers / Directors Rémy Huberdeau, Sean Stiller
Cinematographer Sean Stiller
Producers Lisa Jackson, Lauren Grant, Lea Marin
Executive Producer Anita Lee